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Optical device test solution

Optical device test solution

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Steligent specializes in the development and sale of multi-channel high-speed error code instrument, which provides high cost performance test solutions for Optic Module, ROSA/TOSA manufacturers. The product covers a wide range of products from single channel 1.25Gbps to single channel 112Gbps. The highest configuration can achieve 8X112Gbps test and fully meet the test of 400Gbps PAM4 light module. For ROSA component of CWDM4, ROSA ATS automatic test system designed by Steligent has greatly improved the test efficiency, and the innovative test fixture has solved the connection problem in the test process and greatly reduced the operational complexity of testers.
The block diagram of ROSA test system is as follows:
System description:
The test system is implemented by the integration of multiple devices. Under the control of the automatic test software, the test of 4 X 25G ROSA is completed automatically. The equipment in the system, except the oscilloscope can adopt the products of a third party, all the other equipment are the products independently developed by Steigent. The working principle of the system is as follows:
1) light source
In the system, the light source part is composed of error code meter (BT6201) and test substrate (hsbd-51). The error code instrument generates 4-channel differential signals to the test substrate. After the test substrate obtains 4-channel signals (25Gbps for each channel), electrical signals are converted into optical signals through a Golden optical module (which is installed on the test substrate). The optical signal is a 4-wavelength CWDM signal. After the optical signal passes through the attenuator and the optical switch group, ROSA under test is input. ROSA under test is fixed on the test fixture because it cannot be welded.