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Ge will expand the business of wind power equipment in China.

Ge will expand the business of wind power equipment in China.

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General Electric recently said its subordinate departments are seeking joint venture opportunities to expand their scale of wind power equipment business in China. Tim Schweikert, President of general electric technology infrastructure, said, "we often look for joint ventures in different areas of China."
Jiang Qian, a researcher in the new energy industry of CIC advisor, pointed out that although the State Council standing meeting at the end of August pointed out that there was a tendency to repeat construction in the domestic wind power equipment market, the policy adjustment of the new energy industry in China was also imminent, but in the long run, the overall support attitude of our government to the new energy industry would not change. Change, and the huge potential of China's wind power market is beyond doubt, this is also the main reason for the international giants such as General Electric to expand the business of wind power equipment in China.
The 2009-2012 year China electricity industry investment analysis and prospect prediction report released by CIC consultant shows that China's wind power industry is developing at an alarming speed in recent years. Although the new wind power installed capacity of 6 million 300 thousand KW in 2008 is slightly lower than the 8 million 358 thousand KW in the United States, our country has already taken other countries from the power and speed of developing wind energy. If all the approved wind power projects are included, we can say that our wind power installed capacity is already * * * * *. In 2010, China is expected to exceed Europe and the United States and become the world's largest wind power country. It may reach or exceed 30 million kilowatts, 10 years ahead of time to reach the 2020 development target of wind power determined by the Chinese government, and 100 million or 120 million kilowatt of wind power installed capacity in 2020.
In fact, General Electric has increased its layout in China in the near future. In August 20th, General Electric's transport system group wind power transmission technology company and Chongqing new wind energy investment Co., Ltd. formally signed a cooperation agreement to jointly establish joint ventures and produce wind power gears. According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly invest 130 million dollars for wind turbine gear project cooperation, and the final output value will reach 200 million US dollars.
Zhang Yanlin, CIC's director of research research, pointed out that the influx of foreign capital giants may let domestic wind power equipment industry experience temporary pain, the most direct expression is that most small and medium-sized enterprises will face the situation of closed business, but in the long run, it can promote the continuous progress of domestic enterprises in the fierce market competition. It will play a crucial role in the overall progress of the industry.