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4G Internet speed ranked the bottom. India looked for HUAWEI to help 5G in 2020.

4G Internet speed ranked the bottom. India looked for HUAWEI to help 5G in 2020.

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According to foreign media reports, because 4G network is too slow, India has to rush towards 5G. Recently, India operator Bharti Airtel combined with HUAWEI has stepped out of the first step towards high-speed 5G network. The two companies have completed the India **5G network test. India will officially announce the development roadmap of 5G in June of this year. It is reported that they will start the large-scale deployment of 5G network in 2020.
The 5G network test was completed in the city of Madrid near Madrid, the speed reached 3Gbps, and achieved a delay of only 1 milliseconds in the 3.5GHz band. Although 5Gbps has been super high speed in 5G test of other countries, the telecom industry will probably reduce its speed to 1Gbps at the end of commercially.
India's rapid transition to the 5G era is mainly due to the large population in the country, and the 4G network has been overwhelmed. Just Bharti Airtel, an operator has 290 million mobile users, and its main competitor Jio has 100 million users. Although it is not much more than the number of 4G users in China, OpenSignal, a communications industry analysis company, points out that India's 4G network has exploded in the last year, and operators are really under pressure.
OpenSignal's recent 2018 global LTE report showed that India ranked bottom at the 4G net speed, with an average speed of only 6.07Mbps, 10Mbps lower than the global average, and only 1/7 of the fastest country in 4G network. More intuitively, the 4G network speed in India is actually equivalent to the speed that the US upgraded from 3G to 4G in the past 2010-2011 years.
The economic times, India's economic times, has pointed out that the state-owned operators are trying to lobby the government to slow down the 5G band's auction because the price war in the 4G era has made many operators with huge debts. However, Bharti Airtel still insists on promoting the development of new technology.
"The 5G network has an infinite prospect." Abu hash, director of Bharti Airtel, said. "It will change the rules of the game and change our way of life and work. We look forward to working closely with our partners to build a strong 5G ecosystem in India.